Logistics has the muscle to pick up and deliver heavy plant and equipment anywhere in South Africa. You can confidently count on our team to recover your vehicle and deliver engines, transmissions and heavy components timeously, nationwide. We also handle delivery of parts and spares to our stores, further guaranteeing speed and efficiency.




Safety is our priority. Powertrans is in compliance with the OHS act of 1993. Our Health and Safety Team ensures that employees are conscious of their safety and are also made to work in a safe environment.  The team comprises Paramedics, First Aiders, Safety Reps and Firefighters. It serves no value if deadlines are missed, due to injury or an unsafe working environment.




Creating an environment, conducive to productivity, efficiency and quality is important to Powertrans. To this end, our maintenance department ensures that the general working environment is kept ship-shape.




The Admin Department forms the frontline of our company. So, if you’re unsure of who to speak to about any query, technical or other, start here! Our Admin Department ensures that Powertrans runs like a well-oiled machine, maintaining our commitment to customers. Our administration interacts with all other departments within Powertrans, ensuring the smooth flow of information through all channels. Within Admin, our Human Resources Department ensures that Powertrans is compliant with all aspects of BEE, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Employment Equity and Skills Development. We recognise the importance of empowering youth through education and training. People form the core of our service and their advancement means a better level of service to you, the customer.